Scale models, prototypes

Scale models, prototypes

Scale models, prototypes


So that your idea quickly takes shape and is realised.

For the optimal implementation of your product idea we provide you with parts and assemblies for prototypes or pilot series manufactured either mechanically and/or using a rapid prototyping process. The prototypes provide an important criterion for handling, usability and the organisation of the manufacturing process. When manufactured appropriately the prototypes are already suitable for the first endurance test. If the extensive tests are successful tooling can be quickly approved for the initial series.

Rapid Prototyping

There is no time to lose.

Rapid prototyping, as a process for manufacturing sample parts quickly, based on 3D construction data, is also used to manufacture master models for vacuum casting. As a result of their extreme strength, parts manufactured in vacuum casting are suitable not only as engineering samples but also as scale models or prototypes for the initial endurance tests. If the strength of the parts manufactured by rapid prototyping or the vacuum casting process is not sufficient the parts will be produced mechanically or in trial moulds.