Konstruktion Entwicklung

Construction / Development

Construction / Development

Construction / Development

You are looking for a professional approach to development as the development process for series products from construction to delivery can be extremely complex?

In order that product development can be implemented together efficiently and as quickly as possible, Cubex ag has developed tried and tested steps offering transparent workflows. These can be adapted to take account of the complexity of the task.

Only the best model

The creation of a catalogue of requirements and the implementation of a feasibility study should take place at all costs. For complex demands we will draw up an alternative concept with you, as necessary, in a second step. We will then create models of the design concepts and in a fourth step, conduct a validation of the models.

Having chosen the best model one or more engineering samples are constructed and then tested. The results of these tests show us to what extent the customer’s and technological demands have been satisfied or have to be updated. In step seven a revision of the concept and a design review leads to the construction and test of a scale model. Once again, these test results can lead to a re-assessment of the requirements as in the previous steps.

Construction and testing of the initial batch

An examination of the manufacturing and assembly process can lead to a renewed updating of the requirements and a revision of the manufacturing documentation. The eleventh step leads to the construction and testing of the initial batch. Following a reappraisal of the requirements, construction and testing of the series production can be undertaken in the twelfth step. If, in parallel with the development, marketing preparations are undertaken, delivery of your product can commence.