Company profile

Company profile

Company profile

Whether household appliances, electrical, medicinal, automotive and computer technology, or whether plastics technology or mechanical engineering is involved:

You have to bring your new products, cost-effectively, reliably and just in Time to the market. Our job is to fulfil this objective, together with you, methodically and as easy as possible. A well-attuned team of efficient engineers, technicians, design engineers and specialists are on hand to help you bring your ideas to fruition.

The experience we have gained from successfully implemented projects enables us to cover many spheres of competence in product development.

You benefit from our continuous presence and a partner for a wide range of tasks. Your ideas are thus quickly implemented, you have costs under control and you receive transparent information.


  • 1997
  • A team of engineers with additional training in business management
  • Industrial design engineers
  • Plastics technicians
  • Machine technicians
  • Tool-makers, mechanics